With the new PAMM account offer, both professional Traders and Investors benefit from an unique product.

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It just take 5 minutes to complete our application. Your account details will be fully encrypted. No annoying Salesperson will call you directly.

What is a PAMM Account?

PAMM stand for Percentage Allocation Management Module.

This service allows you to mirror the trades of any strategy you select from the PAMM Managers. You don’t need to pay any additional commissions, just the transparent performance fee based on equity as well you don’t need to install any complex software. 

Your benefits:

  • Select only winning systems
  • Real/live trading accounts only
  • Accurate statistics based on Equity
  • No execution delays!
  • No Slippage or different prices between manager and client accounts
  • Flexible deposit and withdrawal options
  • Transparent Fees & Full Control

tegasFX MetaTrader 4 ECN /STP Platform





the pamm advantage

Real accounts only – Demo account holders can not be PAMM Managers, as well the PAMM Manager need to have at least 1000 USD/EUR on his account to open a PAMM.

No incentives – No volume based incentives are offered, this ensures that the PAMM manager is not trading without the intent of being successful.

Accurate statistics – Unreal statistics with bottomless unreal draw-downs are not shown. All is based on Equity and real values.

Transparent fees – There are no hidden fees, all fees and services are transparent.

IB Performance Fee Share – You can earn money when introducing clients to successful PAMM managers and get paid daily directly to your wallet.

pamm for traders

All Strategies welcome – Promote manual trading strategies, semi-automatic trading robots and expert advisers.

No Delays – With PAMM you can even trade High Frequency Strategies, there is no small delay like with copy trading platforms.

Flexible Earning Potential – You can choose the Performance Fee that you like to charge for your trading strategy.

Payments On Time – Receive daily Performance Fee payouts directly to your account.

Attract IB’s – With PAMM you are able to provide IB’s a daily Performance Fee Share. This allows you to even faster scale up your business.

The registration will just take two minutes!

Three decades of experience, helped us make you to be successful.

tegasFX - The True ECN/STP Broker

Frequently asked questions

The Account opening process can be completed in about 5 to 10 minutes. 

Our compliance will check the provided documents and usually verify your account in a matter of a couple hours.

We are offering all our ECN/STP Accounts in USD and EUR.

We are calculating commissions on institutional basis how the real Spot-FX Market is working.

Example: Trade 1 Lot EURUSD @1.10000 * 0.0035% = 3.85 USD per side

0.0035% notional is equivalent to 35$ per million USD traded.

We are providing volume discounts for High-Volume Traders.

0-200 Mio35$ per Mio USD traded0.0035% notional per side
200-500 Mio30$ per Mio USD traded0.0030% notional per side
500-1000 Mio25$ per Mio USD traded0.0025% notional per side
1000-2000 Mio20$ per Mio USD traded0.0020% notional per side

Please contact us if you have any questions or special requirements. We are happy to meet your requirements.

You can download our FIX API specifications at the following Link.

The tegasfx advantage

tegasFX provides its clients with one of the most compatible trading conditions among all the other participants of the market.

With leading ECN/STP trading environment, you get a direct access to the interbank pricing, which means that you will get the best prices provided by the largest liquidity providers and real low dynamic spreads.

You have access to profitable and transparent on-line trading with minimal risks, fast order execution, without any slippages and delays while. Our ECN/STP Accounts are also well suited for those clients who use EA (Expert Advisor) systems.

tegasFX provides you a true ECN/STP trading environment with access to an aggregated multi-bank feed of over 30 Liquidity Providers. Our ToB (Top-of-Book) volume is at least 1 million, compared to many of our competitors who price with a minimum ToB of just 0.1 million.